On a daily basis, we use products and services that we have no idea where they were made or conceived. With the need to become more visible and reach more customers, digital marketing offers advancements in emerging technologies as consumers demand a more integrated experience.

Here are some digital marketing trends every millennial entrepreneur should be eager to key into:


Chatbots don’t cater for just your digital marketing needs but also provide digital customer service. Presently, it is likely that your customers will see your website before they talk to a real person. A website with in-built chatbots are well positioned to be the fix. It is also cheaper than humans.

This technology offers customers bespoke and tailored customer interaction, information, tips, treatment and advice effortlessly.

Nigeria’s Diamond bank has keyed into this by utilising AI -Artificial Intelligence technology to provide a human-like interaction and personalized experience for Diamond Bank customers with a chatbot named Ada.

 As Ada learns from past interactions, it offers more relevant and timely solutions that are really simple for customers to use. Chatbot Ada enables their customers to expand their digital-led strategy, and reach even more people across Nigeria through mobile banking.


Video Marketing 

Video really is the future of content marketing and it’s a format that’s gained serious momentum in the last 12 months. It shows no signs of slowing down as we move into 2018 and with social media giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter investing more energy and money into improving their video capabilities.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Forget the big term! Search engine optimisation or SEO is simply the process of improving the position that your website appears at in the “organic” search results returned by sites such as Google. It is a measurable and repeatable process used when you update content on your website to indicate that your website is always showing up on Google’s index. This is achieved by using keywords, updating your content regularly and using tags.

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