As you work on your startup and, later, grow your business, it’s important to consider your assets and how they can help you reach success. If you’re trying to figure out which assets you need to achieve success with your fledgling venture, there are three to keep in mind:
Much of the time, we neglect to think about human capital when starting a business. However, the people you have on your side matter. The people you hire, outsource to, and turn to should all be high quality.
And it’s not just about the people you pay, either. Your people-related assets also include potential business partners and mentors. Build your network in a way that allows you to connect with people who can provide you with inspiration, ideas, and encouragement.
It would be nice if you could just manage your startup without the need for financial assets. However, if you want to be successful in the long run, you need to come up with monetary assets that can be used to invest back into your venture.
Sometimes, getting the assets you need requires that you borrow, or look into venture capital. Other times, you can get the financial assets you need as you go.
Finally, don’t forget that your audience is one of the assets you need to move forward. Without someone to buy your products or services, you won’t get very far. You need to connect with those who can benefit from your product or service, providing them with something that meets their needs.

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