The beautiful thing about podcasts is that they do not take away your visual concentration. If listening to audio content pleases you then these are the top podcasts that you should be listening to at the moment. Business podcasts is a great way to continuously learn, while you’re on the go or busy attending to other activities that keep you engaged.

Knowledge Bandits

The Knowledge Bandits podcast is a show that aims to interview successful and innovative entrepreneurs working in Africa. According to Arum Galadima, who produces and hosts the show, “the Knowledge Bandits philosophy is that with the right mentorship, advice, work ethic and motivation anyone can achieve a certain level of greatness. Knowledge Bandits wants to figure out what makes these entrepreneurs tick and model a blueprint of their success to show the world that entrepreneurship in Africa is alive and kicking.” If you are looking for some entrepreneurial inspiration, Knowledge Bandits is exactly what you need.

Gary Vee Audio Experience 

Gary Vaynerchuk affirms “the future is audio and voice,” and is using his podcast, The GaryVee Audio Experience, as a way to develop connections and share information about his entrepreneurial journey. This is a podcast to follow if you want insights on how to get things done and find innovative entrepreneurial solutions from someone that is in the trenches daily. His ability to forecast trends and emphasize action above all is what powers his success.

The Tim Ferriss Show 

On The Tim Ferriss Show, he focuses on unique tips, tricks and tactics that listeners can take away and use in their daily lives. Additionally, Tim brings in a variety of mindsets from his book The 4-Hour Workweek to teach listeners about optimizing their workflow and working smarter, not harder.

Africa Tech Round-up 

Produced in Johannesburg, South Africa,  African Tech Round-Up covers technological innovation on the continent. With a rapidly growing fan base, the podcasts which are hosted by Andile Masuku, could best be described as a mix of cool, geeky and informative. With diverse content from “Medical Drones in Rwanda” to the war between“ Uber and taxi drivers.” If you are too lazy to avoid keeping many tech tabs open in your browser, Africa Tech Round-Up is a good podcast to keep you abreast of the different innovations on the continent.


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