About Bag 4 A Dream

In our 5 years of working with low income communities, we understand the challenges that many parents face every school year. Buying new school supplies has been a burden to many struggling parents and a majority of the poor families we visit cannot even afford to place their children into the education system thereby stripping them of a brighter future.

The Aim Higher Africa Bag 4 A Dream project provides backpacks filled with school supplies to disadvantaged children. By providing children in need with brand new backpacks filled with grade-appropriate school supplies, Bag 4 A Dream ensures that children in low income communities can attend school and be ready to start the new school year and excited to learn.

What is in a bag?

Getting an education is not just a fundamental human right. It is pivotal to increasing employment and income opportunities. This is why we give away several backpacks filled with notebooks, complete set of writing materials, pencils, pens, measurement sets, erasers, sharpeners and water bottle, so that children can break the poverty cycle and achieve their fullest potential.

Why we do it?

Quality Education – 4th Sustainable Development Goal

The 4th sustainable development goal is quality education because it is the foundation for improving people’s lives and sustainable development. At Aim Higher Africa we believe that education is the bedrock of every society and a social leveller. It is essentially the glue that holds our society together and provides the tools we need to eradicate poverty in our communities. In order to achieve this goal of quality education, we believe there are some fundamental issues that need to be addressed. Children in Africa are in dire need of school supplies. Michaelowa and Wechtler (2006) found that by providing one textbook to every student in a classroom, literacy scores increased by 5-20%. Our goal is to provide the resources children need to receive quality education to enable them to thrive academically.


Many African schools do not have the basic resources to meet their teaching needs. They lack pencils, paper, books, and lots of items critical to learning. Aim Higher Africa is dedicated to helping these schools by providing the supplies they need to provide a quality education to their students. But, we are only able to do this through generous donations that provide the supplies. Thanks to gracious people like yourself, these future leaders of Africa will have the intellectual tools they need to succeed. Thank you for your interest in making monetary donation. Together, with great people like you, we can make a difference.