Accenture recently announced that it has acquired Kogentix a company that delivers artificial intelligence and big data solutions and services to enable enterprises to make better decisions with their data. Based in Schaumburg, Illinois, Kogentix will fortify Accenture Applied Intelligence’s evolving data engineering business, especially in North America, as companies are increasingly seeking to leverage open source big data and advanced analytics technologies to discover opportunities for revenue growth and cost reduction across the enterprise.

Kogentix delivers a variety of assets to help switch long-standing applications to technologies like Spark, Python, and Hadoop, which can evaluate bigger volumes of data with more speed as well as processing efficiency.

In addition to that, transitioning legacy analytics applications to such technologies will enable companies to cut down licensing costs and recruit from a broader pool of data talent since the new generation of data engineers and scientists is trained on these platforms.

“Becoming part of Accenture Applied Intelligence will allow us to seize a greater share of this market,” said Boyd Davis, CEO and Co-Founder of Kogentix.

“We’re excited by the scale and scope of projects that will open up to us, as well as the long-term career and growth opportunities for our team” Said Narendra Mulani, Chief Analytics Officer, Accenture Applied Intelligence

The startup was founded in the year 2015, Kogentix employs more than 220 data scientists, big data engineers, software developers, and machine learning engineers in its company. The startup headquarter is based out of Schaumburg, the company also has offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad, India; Pleasanton, California; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Singapore. It serves a large variety of clients in a broad spectrum of industries, including high-tech, technology, consumer goods, financial services, and healthcare.

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