Bethany Ainsley made her name 10 years ago after she founded Nouveau Wellbeing, a dance and fitness company that aims to help communities increase their fitness levels, personal development and healthy lifestyle choices. Ainsley won a number of awards for her company’s success, including being named Young Business Person of the Year at the Journal’s North East Business Executive of the Year Awards 2015.

Now she has created two new businesses designed to improve the mental and physical health of people across the North East. The first, Nouveau Training Academy, focuses on providing training to professionals who want to improve the well-being of others in their care.

Ainsley said:

Nouveau Wellbeing is still going strong but I have stepped out a bit to run two new businesses. Nouveau Training offers training to other organisations to help improve the well-being of people in their care. We offer training to care homes to get their residents active. The firm has already worked with a number of organisations including Barchester Healthcare. The training is used to show carers and other healthcare professionals how to communicate with patients to get them involved in the exercise to improve their health.

The second business – simply called Bethany Ainsley – provides entrepreneurs and professionals with wellbeing support and helps them improve their work-life balance. The firm also helps large companies improve the well-being of their staff.

 The new business is looking at a lot of different aspects of well-being, not just physical but mental, social, and community well-being, which is giving back to the local community. She said

Ainsley provides one-to-one sessions with entrepreneurs looking to improve their wellbeing and learn when to focus on work and when to focus on personal activities.

For those who do not want to have one-to-one sessions the firm also offers online training and support through its Optimal Performance programme.


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