Being an owner of your own business appears like a cool thing and might be something you look forward to doing have no idea what exactly you would want to do.  If you are currently stuck with coming up with a business idea but live in a metropolitan city where cars add to the populace of human beings that grace the roads then you should consider starting a professional car wash centre.

Wait, where is this market? How do you go about it? How sure are you to get clients? The awesome thing about this business is that you can have it run as a  full-time business or a side hustle.

Here is a simple guideline on how to start your car wash business:

Where is your business?

You need your eyes and business mind to scout a location. As much as you think you would wash your own car, there are people who prefer a professional touch or who might be too busy to wash theirs. Look out for a neighbourhood where there is usually a large amount of movement of cars. Keep in mind that the busier the environment is, the more clients you are likely to get. Your clients also need to be income earners who can afford your service fee. You might be tempted to think “Oh! I don’t even a piece of land.” The good part of this business is that you don’t necessarily need a land of your own, you can start by taking a land on a lease or rental basis.

How much knowledge do you have about your new venture?

I bet you think even a toddler can wash a car? Yea, even one can scrub or wipe a  surface with a sponge but not everyone can give a car a professional touch. A great way to learn is by opting to visit a nearby car wash to learn how it is done professionally and noticing details. Finishing is key in this business and it is a major determinant of if you will get a referral or if your clients will make a come-back.

Does your location boast of sufficient water supply?

You need to consider if your chosen location boasts of sufficient water supply because it is what you need to get the job done. Is there a nearby stream, a borehole or will you need to contract water tankers to fill your water storage tank, it is what you need to consider. Carm washing requires a lot of water.

Tools and equipment 

There is no business run without tools or equipment to make the services offered worthy. For a start, you will need buckets, towels, detergents, wax, chemicals, brushes, and pressure car washer. Depending on what your startup budget looks like you might want to proceed to add mobile wash systems, conveyors or compressors to your equipment.

Entrepreneurs always look for the next big hit and as you watch your business grow, you might see the need to make your customers more comfy by carving out a small refreshment centre or even a sports viewing centre. An addition of other value added services such as car essentials or accessories can also increase your income.



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