“Brokeness will have you making it work”, Issa Rae mentions in this interview.

Hit series, Insecure’s creator, Issa Rae might no longer be broke but she sure is dishing a few pointers for the creative genius with limited resources to implement their vision. In part 3 of her sit-down interview with Roland Martin, she discusses how “broke-ness” fueled her creativity.

She dives further in to say that networking across worked for her.

“Sometimes it’s not about the Tyler Perry or the Ava. Sometimes it’s about collaborating with your friend or co-worker because they’re just as hungry as you are.”

The executive producer and lead actor might have a point there. Her series, ‘Insecure’ was birthed out of a web series she started, called ‘Awkward black girl’. It was through these series that she got her big break. She admits to not having money for equipment some days so she would go as far as utilising lamp lights and bringing it up close for closer shots (Yes, that broke).

This piece is for the entrepreneur who’s been making excuses as to why they just can’t get up and start already. It is so important that you understand that success at business is never overnight. Sometimes, it is consistent years of hard work but that’s ok too, we have people like Issa to encourage us to keep going.

Watch the video below:

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