I was taking a stroll with my friends, Joanna and Jennifer, one cool evening when we came across a beautiful store that just opened on our street, called, ”ALL THINGS FEMININE”. It was beautifully adorned in different shades of pink floral wallpaper which added a dash of panache to its glamour.
The creative designs that hung from the ceiling and the sparkly tiaras on the heads of the mannequins with awesome wigs, was all too alluring to resist. We were all drawn into the store and were mesmerized in all its beauty. Needless to say, the owner went the extra mile to brand her store in such a way that it would stand out from every other business out there especially those in the same niche of women’s products.
We were all deeply captivated by the enchantment of the store and its content. It indeed had all things feminine and before we knew it, we each had three shopping bags as we came out from the store. Funny thing is we entered the store out of curiosity and came out with some necessities we didn’t even know we needed or in my case, had procrastinated for a really long time.
While we bit our lips for having spent money on what we didn’t plan for, we felt happy and fulfilled still because we had got ourselves some new things which we actually needed. But then, how is it possible that the one thing that dragged us into the store was the curiosity behind the name and the beautiful manner in which the store was decorated?
Well, it all boils down to the psychology of naming in branding.
A name is a huge part of your branding and it tells a lot about your business. It would also surprise you to know that your business name also tells a lot about how people would feel or perceive whatever product or service your business offers.
For example, would you rather hire the services of someone called a “copywriter” or would you go for someone who calls him/herself, “a communications stylist”? Doesn’t the former sound all mundane, dreary, ordinary and dare I say boring and “too serious” as against the latter which sounds all fun, exciting and interesting?
A lot goes into the psychology of naming especially for the purpose of branding. A catchy, interesting, easy-to-remember name plays a lot of role in your business and how attractive it is to customers. Your business name doesn’t speak of your business alone but also tells a lot about who you are. It brands you as a person – your techniques, originality and the uniqueness of your business.
Having understood this, what do you bear in mind when choosing a business name? Choose a name that

  • Makes your business memorable
  • Places you in the high up pedestal as an expert in your niche
  • Arouses curiosity
  • Can be easily shared
  • Is fun, interesting, hip and all so creative.

Adam Fridman said, “It’s more than just a name; it is the identity of an entire brand. It deserves time and attention, and when handled properly, it will change a business forever”. 
PHOTO CREDIT: enterprisealive.co.uk

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