Most times we fold our hands and believe in the utopian dream that we would own a big business or probably chains of business. The fact is it will never happen till we make it happen. Banking on faith and hope might seem to be a nice thing to do but we need to match the faith with action.

So I heard you have a skill that you are passionate about. The key to getting started with business is learning the business of your skill. Having a skill is not always sufficient. Look into your everyday life for inspiration, your idea doesn’t have to be glamorous to be successful, identify a problem and then find a way to solve it. Business success is not the result of having the best-educated team, the flashiest new idea, the most experienced workforce, or the deepest pockets among other startups. It’s typically experienced by businesses that have the best thought-out business plan, one which addresses the needs of its prospective customers.

Consider having a “brainstorming session” with yourself; when you’re in a good mood, surf the Internet looking for ideas. Or maybe do it the old-fashioned way with a bunch of magazines and clip out every article or advertisement that might suggest a business idea to you. You can also use sticky notes to make this activity more fun- filled.

Then think about what kind of setting your business will be operated. Will you need a strategic location, decide to be mobile or even online?  You need to figure out.

Every business individual talks about numbers. Map out fund accessible to you, startup capital and your likely expenditure. Make the best use of human resource, American Pastor, businessman, author and filmmaker, T.D Jakes affirms “If you have the instinct, you can hire the intellect.”

We certainly don’t have a hold on how we come into the world but how we leave it is a major part of our responsibility. If you desire it, dream it and make it happen.

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