Entrepreneurs will have Carrie Leaver and Shona McDonald to thank for taking up the initiative to create a platform where entrepreneurs working from home can work in a co-working space in South Africa. We both work in the social entrepreneurship space and are strong networkers and also understand the realities of startup life – the frustrations, the isolation of working from home and on public holidays and often, the struggle to create meaningful connections with others. Creating a space were entrepreneurs and startups can find a home, a community and space to be creative and productive has been a dream and is now a reality.

The Stoep workspace was created to project inclusivity, warmth and class. Desks and plug-points on the stoep allow one to work outside with a thick, green garden view or a koi fish pond. The farm-style kitchen, cosy lounge and regular networking events allow entrepreneurs to connect and inevitably, build a strong eco-system of innovators, go-getters and service providers. Venue hire is available for anyone to host their own events from corporate work retreats to intimate meet-up groups and wine clubs.

They advise women who are starting out on the entrepreneurial journey to find people of like mind. “As a start-up, support, understanding and some extra love make the difficult days much easier. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and it’s easy to doubt and question one’s decisions and journey. Being part of a community of like-minded people brings strength, new ideas and also an eco-system of services and potential clients.”

Shona McDonald is the founder of a leading South African social enterprise, Shonaquip, Shonaquip designs and distributes robust and unique wheelchairs across Southern Africa, as well as provides disability clinical support and inclusive training while Carrie Leaver designs and facilitates social entrepreneurship programmes and master classes across South Africa and consults in the social impact and sustainability sector of her company, Social Agents.

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