Take it or leave, Pop culture is the trend. Major cultural and social changes have been brought about by mass media innovations, how long this rave will last is what no one knows as times and social cultures changes from time to time. While it lasts you might want to make money out of it and one of the great ways to do that is through T-shirt printing.

For a general idea, look around you. So many people are wearing a T-shirt, and by far, it is the most modern casual wear globally; from kids to adults, everyone loves wearing them. One good thing about is that it is gender-blind, so it can be worn by anyone irrespective of their gender.

So how do you go about setting up this casual fashion business?

Start a market analysis 

The first step is to carry out a market analysis. This can be achieved by private survey companies, government offices, or talking to other entrepreneurs in the business. Try to get a good insight into the industry, and identify things like; what kinds of t-shirts are the most popular and high in demand. Who are your proposed customers? They might just be corporate organisations, students, fitness or sports centre or even association. Find out the most preferred choice of patterns and current trends.

Write a business plan 

This helps to give you a direction of where your business is headed to and enable you to to make projections. This business plan will contain all the valuable information like your market analysis which would show where to purchase plain T-shirts, how to get it printed, where you intend to sell the finished products, your target customers, and much more. Work on your finance, likely expenses and budget.

You don’t a good graphics designer, you need an extraordinary one

The design is what separates regular t-shirts from the custom printed t-shirt. Everyone is looking for the latest and better models, which connect with their personality. Thus, it becomes the sole reason that makes the sale. Use of great fonts and amazing inscription is another plus. Ensure to be updated so as to stay ahead of the competition and create edgy yet classy designs.

your customers know quality when they see it.  Using quality blank T-shirts ensures loyal consumers who can advertise your product to others.

Invest in appropriate printing 

For small orders, you can have a Heat press or digital ink-jet printers. They are slow and require less training time. The advantage of heat presses is that besides t-shirts, you can work with a large number of other materials, thus expanding your domain manifold. A screen printer more ideal for large orders.


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