Have you ever heard the abbreviation, USP? What comes to your mind when its mentioned. The essence of what makes your product or service better than your competitors should be the thought springing up in your thought process. Sometimes entrepreneurs find themselves thronging the path of business but never stop to critically ask themselves how they are distinguished from other similar brands.

If you have ever found yourself at a crossroad on how to determine what your unique selling proposition or point is, below is how to figure them out:

Customer’s view

Your product or service may be perceived in a certain way by you as the manufacturer or service provider but your customer is a direct-user and will be able to give an in-depth perception of your products. Start out by getting in touch with your ‘best’ customers and ask them if they can spend a few minutes giving you feedback on the products they own. Use this information to pull together a brief survey and mail or email it to the rest of your customers.

You versus your competition 

Compare your list of product strengths and weaknesses to the information you have on your competitors’ products. Are there areas where your product is stronger than most or all of the competing products? However don’t be carried away by your superiority alone, also look. into how they are better than you, this will help you create room for improvement if need be.

Take a second look at your product 

You know what products are out there and how well they stack up. It’s time to look more closely at your own product. If you haven’t used your own product recently, try it now and see how your own experience matches with what you’ve heard from your customers.

It’s possible to succeed without a great unique selling proposition. It’s possible, but definitely not as easy.

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