If I was asked to choose a hip pop mogul who I ‘d like to grab business lessons from. There is no doubt that I would mention Sean Combs (Diddy). Having risen from the ranks through menial jobs such as to establish his own business empire. It will be thrilling to have my fill from his wealth of business experience. The entrepreneur whose business acumen has garnered him a net worth of $820 million, according to Forbes has no doubt great business lessons we can learn from.

Here are lessons that you should grab without hesitation from Diddy:

Just start 

As with many highly successful entrepreneurs and business leaders today, Sean Combs got an early start in the workforce with an array of jobs. He did just about everything from delivering newspapers to working in restaurants. According to his interview, it’s not important where you start – just start!

Evolve continuously

Don’t ever think of being fixed. Keep evolving your brand. He’s gone under the names Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy Dirty Money, and finally, Diddy. Sean “Diddy” Combs, seems to make a few million every time he changes his name.

Diversify your investment 

The self-marketing genius, producer and entrepreneur has seen his investment move from Bad Boy Entertainment Worldwide to Bad Boy Records, restaurants in NYC and Atlanta, AQUAhydrate water, Deleon Tequila, Revolt TV,  numerous clothing and fragrance lines, and helped turn Ciroc vodka into the second ultra-premium vodka in the world.



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