Setting up a business is quite the achievement but, it doesn’t quite stop there. For whatever it is that you offer, you’ll require that people support your business by either purchasing your services or products depending on what part of the pendulum you fall under.

Here are a few pocket-friendly ways you could achieve your goal:

Press Releases 

Your press release has to actually contain information that is newsworthy and be engaging enough to get people’s interest. Has your business recently expanded? Do you have a new product? Have you been involved in some promotional activity such as sponsoring a charity event? Include them in the press release. It is another great way to get some free business promotion.


Do you fit in for a great orator or speaker? You can employ the strategy of holding helpful seminars or presentations and promote your business at the same time. Psychologically, people are more compelled to trust people who share expertise, so just go showcase yourself and if you are terrified with speaking to a large number of people, I will advise you start with a smaller group of people.

Your leisure time

Go about your leisure activities wearing branded T-shirts that promote your business like shows, local events, or even a tour trip. Create a habit of always ceasing the opportunity to promote your business during any kind of group activity and how it could benefit them. Get in the habit of doing business promotion wherever you go and you’ll be surprised how word-of-mouth builds.

Mobile Boards

Are you thinking of where you can get one? Well, if you own a car, you can as well wrap your car with a vehicle wrap. Your car should bear the name, logo services you render and phone number of your business. Think of all the people who see your vehicle when you’re driving around, you are certainly going to be raising a lot of eyebrows.

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