In recent time, so much has been said about brands and creating winning products that will definitely make sales but have you ever thought about how those products get to your end-users. This would have brought to your mind the wing on a sales team I love to refer to as the ‘Sales Most Valuable Player and that’s the e-commerce delivery and logistics service providers.

A scenario that made this article credible was when I ordered an item lately and the sales company could not meet up within a realistic period of time. On a second thought, I decided to cancel the order and try another company who sold similar products with the previously contacted company and their logistic team did the delivery in the nick of time. It might please you to note that the former company offers better products while the latter could be classified as second class in comparison. However, another important part of business is ensuring that your products get to where they should be in the nick of time.

With the high rise of subscription to online shopping, they have become very important in making fast customer delivery and sales. Express logistics company have burrowed into the market and thrown the local courier system off-balance, by portraying themselves to be the preferred partner for anyone looking to connect goods with people from one geographical location to another.

They employ Pay-on-Delivery, tracking and business intelligence services. One of the main challenges of domestic express logistics service has been the poor state of roads in Africa, however, they have managed the supposed obstacle by employing the use of motorbikes that ply even rough terrains.

With the emergence and increasing popularity of local online retail stores and increase in internet penetration, e-commerce has taken a new shape in Africa just like other developed nations. Customer awareness and volume of online trades have also significantly grown, leading to more competition among courier and logistics service providers in the continent.

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