1)      Be very clear about you want

This sounds incredibly obvious but you need to consider very carefully what you are expecting to achieve.  Is it about spending more time with your family?  Is it about taking your talent to a new level?  Is it about making more money?  Each brings its own set of challenges.  If you want more time with your family, for example, and only work ‘school hours’, be realistic about how much you can achieve in a 25 hour week.

2)      Keep focused

There’s no doubt about how tough it can be at times and sometimes an opportunity will crop up that doesn’t neatly fit the box.  Tempting as it might be to grab the opportunity, this is when you need to be balanced in your focus. Being too scattered in your focus and grabbing whatever work comes your way can compromise the passion and drive that makes you so good at what you do.

3)      Be patient

As fired up as you might be to get things moving and pull in the business, your customers and contacts might take a little while longer to catch up with you! Be realistic with them, taking things slow doesn’t make you less of a hard worker sometimes it is just the wisest thing to do.

4)      Hone your network

Network, network and network It is credibly important to do so because this is why you get access to lots of information, support and insight.  But like all good relationships, you have to invest time and effort. You never know your next business contract might be from one of your networkers.

5)      Play to your strengths and invest in your weaknesses

Again, this sounds obvious but often when people go into business they try and do everything themselves.  Often this is because of the need to keep costs low but the reality is being a sole player can ultimately be your downfall if you’re not prepared to get support where you need it. Bringing new talent, ideas and perspectives into the business is crucial if you want to grow. Make us of freelancers, consider taking interns these are ways of delegating jobs without spending a lot.  Consider attending networking events and relevant conferences that can all help fuel ideas, too.

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