Setting up a business is quite an easy thing to do, the herculean task lies in continually growing it. Growth in business is the primary indicator of profitability because, without growth, there will be no success, every business person wants to be relevant in business.

Don’t frown at change 

Be receptive to change. Failure to adapt to changes that might arise in your industry will allow your competitors leave you behind. Be open to training yourself to be friendly to positive changes in your industry.


Be unpredictable 

Surprise is a tool, use it.

Surprises leave people in shock and astonishment. Keep working on your innovations to roll out great new products, services and strategies. Make it extremely difficult for your competitors to predict your moves before you make them.


Keep your workforce updated 

Engage in untraining, training and re-training yourself and your team. The greatest way to way to be prepared for expansion and growth is having the capable hands and minds that can handle the after effect of such growth.

Your competitive advantage should not be short-lived

Endeavour to possess sustainable factors such as a strong brand, great networking, distribution, innovative vision that protect a company’s earning power from competitors.


Have a voice even in the midst of the noise 

More often than not, the popular way of doing things always is the wrong way. You must be true to yourself and do things your own way for the good of your company.

Always strive to create your own way of doing business, and never you entertain the herd mentality.

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