Being an entrepreneur is no doubt a difficult journey to embark on; it comes with uncertainty, self-doubt and unwavering challenges. There can be times you feel like the only person on the planet; the only person who cares about anything. Then there will be days where you walk down the street and feel like the richest, best-looking, smartest person alive.
But as entrepreneurs, the most satisfying scene we wish to see daily is that of a satisfied client or customer; knowing that you are able to solve the problem of another can create a long lasting impression of your business and services.
So Loyal Larry comes to your store every time and has a significant impact on your revenue anytime he visits. You are grateful that someone has finally realised the worth of your products and not only has he gotten stuck to buying your products but he goes around talking to other people about how great your products are.
All of a sudden Loyal Larry has helped to increase your self-confidence and you no longer have any form of self-doubt within you. Now you are thinking of showing gratitude to Loyal Larry by getting him a gift he would find useful and you are confused on how what to pick.
And the truth is you wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for your customers, so it’s important to say thank you with a small token of appreciation from time to time.
After all, business is all about building and preserving relationships, and what better way to demonstrate how much you value your relationship with your clients than by offering them a gift.
Remember, though, that what’s really important is giving them a gift they won’t forget and show them their business and relationship is important to you.
Below are affordable gifts you can get for every Loyal Larry client:

Vegan snack box

Do you have a client that avoids dairy and meat? A vegan snack box package says thank you without violating their diet. Assorted snacks, like fig bars and nuts, in the box show you care about your client on a level beyond simply gift-giving.

Monogrammed notepad

Everyone takes notes at work or needs to jot down important ideas. Give the gift of a personalized notepad with your client’s name and initial at the top.

Personalized sticky note holder

Personalize your client’s desk with this sleek wooden handmade item, which holds a pad of Post-It notes. You can customize it with a client’s name, company name, initials, thank you or your own company’s name.

Portable Charger

Keeping devices charged on the go can be tough. A Portable Charger will keep your clients’ devices charged up when they’re unable to get to a wall or car charger which is useful when going on trips and out-of-the-office days.

Portable Laptop stand

A laptop stand is so simple but so handy. It’s portable, so your client can take it back and forth from his or her home to the office without any issues.
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