Are we in  for a year of disruption? Just when Uber knocked local Taxis out of the market. Another market distrupion agent seems to be lurking around. It wont be strange to see green coloured power bikes and helmets in the nooks and crannies of Lagos. There is an ever constant need to beat taraffic in the ever busy city of lagos and Gokada has come right in time to do justice to that.
Gokada is an on-demand motorbike hailing service focused on changing the face of transportation in Nigeria by leveraging technology to connect users to the nearest motorbikes within their area thereby helping them move smartly and beat traffic. Through the use of smart 200 cc motorbikes that are allowed to move on major roads in Lagos unlike the conventional 100 cc motorbikes driven by the regular ‘Okada’ / ‘aboki’ drivers. Gokada drivers are cautious, verified, experienced, and well trained. They all pass through the Gokada Driver Training School and are re-taught how to properly drive around the streets of Lagos, safely, with a passenger.
The Gokada team have an agenda to change the face of transportation in Nigeria and subsequently Africa, Gokada plans to have over 5,000 motorcycles in Lagos within the next few months to set off a new wave of ride-hailing prosperity in Nigeria and subsequently Africa.
Armed with  safety gadget- Helmets, affordable prices and a user-friendly app. Could Gokada be on the verge of causing another distruption?

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