Entrepreneurship is hard. It requires consistent discipline, and confidence in yourself. Lots of people won’t enjoy it. But for those determined few who can find a way to make the grind work. Aspiring entrepreneurs and existing entrepreneurs need a  head-start on building crucial habits to keep them going and turning their efforts into positive results.
Resource Management 
They know that their resources are their most precious possessions and that without them they will not be able to run their business.
They have an agenda for every meeting  
Meetings can be a huge waste of time unless you know exactly what you want to achieve in the allotted time. They always have a clear agenda and stick to timelines. Let the people attending the meeting know what the agenda is and what information they need to bring with them and then stick to the agenda.
Successful entrepreneurs have things written down with detailed goals, and objectives with timelines. They know what they want (focus), and how they will get there (direction.) This is a working document that needs to be adapted and changed as you or your business’ circumstances change.
Time Management 
They don’t need the discipline to get out of bed in the morning because they love doing what they do! They are highly motivated, therefore they are on time every time, and they have their priorities right. They don’t waste time during the day and spend 80% of their time on income-producing activities.

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