One of the best pieces of advice ever given to me has been to: 

‘Become a sponge, soak in as much as you can learn about your craft’.

In the era of tech, a lot of great things have happened. The invention of the cloud, the daily creation and update of apps for our ease and so on. However, it also means that your job role could well become obsolete as the probability that a machine will one day replace you stays a growing fear. Not only are the growing capabilities of tech a real thing, there’s so much knowledge available on the web that should you decide for every day you choose not to take advantage of this opportunity, you give someone else an upper-hand.

Articles, books and even courses are so readily available only if you would lend yourself to them. The era of ‘books not being your thing’ have long since absconded and it is the survival of the fittest out there. Millennials are slowly creeping into managerial roles due to this added edge as baby boomers refuse to take advantage of these opportunities due to a lack of technical know-how or just a blatant refusal to let in the new.  

It has become increasingly vital to learn new skills so that one is consistently adding value. Employers are moving away from the textbook hiring process: certificates and degrees to a more practical hiring system in place. It is no longer rare to hear in an interview: ‘So what can you do for my company or business’? No one wants someone who simply occupies space. It has become vital to add value in one way or the other. Sometimes, value-add may not be blatantly obvious, this places the employee in albeit, awkward position as he/she is left to simply figure it out. Besides looking to get advice from mentors and others who have gone before you, reading articles written by experts in your line of work is much easier to get hold of than the odd mentor who’s going through his/her own strenuous work schedules anyway.

There’s also the most prominent reason for the importance of reading: an improved vocabulary. Communication has been listed a traditional skill essential for recruiting new hires. Understanding how to communicate effectively and properly especially when drafting business documents or presenting strategy proposals can make all the difference between recruitment and (or) an impending promotion as client liaison is vital for any organisation.

Reading is not overrated, if anything, it just became an absolute necessity!  


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