One of the most difficult things you‘d ever think of doing is selling yourself. The thought of it sounds pretty easy but as you get down to business, you will find out that there is more to it.

This does not in any way mean that you can’t ace it. It simply means you need a game plan for what lies ahead. You will need to focus more on building relationships than revenues, selling results and not just services.

A friend of mine once walked into a company and introduced himself as a Consultant. Well, he committed no crime but he went home with the gift of an awkward look and the irritating yet mocking laughter that the staff there had to spoil his day with.

Think on your feet;

Where do I build my client base from?

Figure out what services you are great at delivering, find out dominant challenges in your industry and how you can proffer solutions for them. Find out who your ideal client is and those who will benefit the most from your services.

Networking is a livewire  consultancy

70% of consultancy jobs are gotten through referral. Take advantage of professional networking websites to connect with people in your industry or proposed clients. Get recommendations too, it will take you places. Linkedin, AngelList, PartnerUp are not to be neglected, they are great platforms to connect you to the various needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Pitch it like you would preach it 

If ‘K’ is a constant in the sciences then ‘Pitching’ is a constant in selling your ideas. Practise short, concise descriptions of what you do and how you do it.

A good consultant spends more time listening than talking, so build questions into your presentation so you can spend plenty of time listening.

Create a compelling proposal 

Ensure that your proposal covers all the relevant points. It can also be a great way to be consistent in your approach to the quality of your service.

Name your price 

Everybody loves the ‘money talk.’ Carry out a proper pricing structure analysis. Avoid underpricing, people value what they pay for, so if you go way too low within your pricing, you may not be taken too seriously. Take inventory of all the resources you need to get the job done and of course your time. The value of your time is priceless.

What consulting service do you offer? Share it in the comment section. 

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