It is said that the only constant thing in life is change and the business world is not an exception to this. Just as the world is fast evolving, so also are the ways things are being done in the corporate environment and this is fast occurring at an extraordinary rate. The internet age comes with countless technological upgrades that already existing businesses have to step up so they can stay relevant in the business world. With trends such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and even robotics, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that this fourth industrial revolution is considered a new era because of its highly innovative or groundbreaking technologies. One of the many good things that come with this rapid rate of change in the corporate world, however, is the vast amount of opportunities it presents for business growth. With the speed of technological breakthroughs in this new age, entrepreneurs have to always be on their toes else they would be left behind. In what ways can one accelerate the business ladder?

  • Every business should have a web presence because the first point of referral for any business is the website. A business without a website is like a beginner learning to swim without applying the first rule of swimming – stay afloat. No business out there is new. The newness we see today is the upgrade done on existing business ideas to form a new business and this is made possible through the use of technological advancements. Businesses with web presence stand out of the competition because you are able to interact with your customers firsthand without being physically present. Your website gives your clients/customers an insight into what your business is about and if engaging enough, they could contact you for a meet-up to discuss further. Remember, the customer is king in every business. An influx of customer means more cash in your account for whatever product or service you offer and this shows growth in business. This only happens when your customers can easily locate you through your website.
  • Every business must utilize social media. The importance of social media cannot be exaggerated enough. Traditional marketing methods are fast fading away as more people are beginning to interact more with brands with the use of social media. Using the different social media platforms, customers are able to make enquiries, place orders or even express their feelings (be it gratitude or anger) for the previous service shown to them. The long and short of it all is that social media makes it a lot easier and convenient for customers to communicate with businesses.
  • Every business exists for the satisfaction of the customers. This new age has given consumers of goods and services, the control of every business so much so that whatever products or services a business offers has to be made to suit the needs of customers. Carry our feedback or surveys to learn from your customers what they really want and in what areas you can improve your service to them.
  •  Every business should have a global vision. This new age has presented businesses with a platform to break limitations and go global. The global stretch of businesses such as Uber, Amazon, Airbnb, Netflix etc., has played a principal role in the success of their product offering. The more your business is able to respond to global needs instead of localized needs just as these mentioned companies above does, the more success spelt out for your business. No matter the nature of your business, you can go global. “Flexibility and a willingness to try new technologies or processes will ensure entrepreneurs stay relevant in our ever-changing environment.”, Kobus Engelbrecht, the spokesperson for the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year®, says.

As an entrepreneur, one has to learn to keep up with the trends of the times so as to be able to remain on top.









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