So your business is at the point where you need extra helping hands? This is amazing! You’re stepping into the higher power of delegating tasks, skills, and talents into your company. You’ve gotten to the point to where you know without a doubt that the success of your company has to be spread amongst the right people. However, you may have a tiny fear creeping up… you’re not sure exactly what to look for in bringing on new team members. Or maybe you’re not confident in attracting the best people for your vision.
Companies with the highest turnover rates in employees could probably tell you that they should have had a higher standard in place when it came to hiring. The mistake is that we believe in people to do the work just because they have the background, but we should be searching their character patterns.
Interestingly enough, a major CEO of a thriving company did not just hire people right away when they sent in their resume. He would show up unexpectedly at their homes to see how their homes looked in comparison to their resume.
Were they organized?
How did their families function?
Were bills paid on time?
What do family and friends say about them?
Was the house decent and in order?
This CEO wasn’t doing this to catch potential employees off guard. He just wanted to see how this person took care of their own lives. How can you hand your vision over to someone who doesn’t have their own personal vision in order? This is definitely something to consider when you’re looking for someone to fill a certain role, along with being specific with what you want.
For example, if you are filling the role of an assistant to you, you want to ensure that person can be trusted. They speak on your behalf and represent you. This person is to be your eyes and ears. Get clear on what you want, so that you don’t regret hiring them later.
Do you want them to have a background in something specific?
What type of hours do you expect them to work?
What is the attitude you would like for them to carry?
How do they act, speak, and dress?
How strict are you with personal time off for employees?
Once you have determined what you want from that person, you’ll need to start thinking of how you will actually see if they are a good fit. Reading a resume doesn’t fill in all the details. Consider these questions in your hiring practices:
What type of application screening will you use?
Will you have a team of interviewers to help you?
How many interviews will there be?
What questions will be asked on the application and interview?
What are your minimal qualifications?
Will there be a probationary period upon hiring?
Along with focusing on the standards of who you want to work in your company, you have to be a vibrational match to what you want. If you don’t meet any of the standards outlined for who you want to hire, then don’t expect to have people of that caliber to submit applications. Your employees are a reflection of you internally. Become exactly what you want, and watch people who have the same energy as you will come ready to work towards your vision.

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