If you’re just starting up your business, you may be feeling a bit exhausted trying to find your next client. Stop. It’s not your job to find your client. It’s their job to find YOU. I’m not saying you should just sit at home all day and do nothing, then magically your client shows up. You have to set up the right strategies and channels to summon your dream clients to you.
When I first started my coaching business, I had 50 calls booked out within one month with over 200 new subscribers. ORGANICALLY. It was AMAZING! But did any of those calls turn into sells? A few people purchased some products. Not one person on the calls became my 1:1 clients. You know where my 1:1 clients came from? The sky! I literally mean it. I would show up on Facebook Groups sharing my work and offering tips to help people in mindset and business coaching. They would personally message me and share that they wanted to work with me.
So how did that happen? I had 5 of the most critical ducks in a row. Was I perfect? Nope! I’m still a work in progress. That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship is that it is a journey. Here’s the five things I did to set the stage for high quality 1:1 clients in my business:
Do the Inner Work
Before you ever invite someone into your business, you need to have a serious internal evaluation of your own self. Take care of you FIRST. Starting a business shouldn’t be something you just magically do just because. You have to find your WHY. That’s your mission and purpose on this earth. When you know that, you will continue to develop yourself to be a better person for those you serve.
Establish a Platform
Pick a platform that YOU genuinely like. Do not spread yourself all over social media when you’re first starting out. That was one of my biggest downfalls in my other businesses. I had fallen and bumped my head enough to know that I just needed to get good at ONE platform. I just needed to build an audience there and nurture it. There’s no need to spread yourself so thin that no one is connecting with you.
Deliver High Quality Content
Once you’re on that platform, give your audience some HIGH QUALITY that makes them stay hooked to your every word. They may not always comment, but trust me, they see you. Let what you say on that platform stand out amongst anything else in the world. Pour out your best secrets. Don’t let the fear of “If I tell them everything, then they won’t buy from me”. That’s a lie. If you are always growing and developing yourself, you will always have MORE to offer. They will come back begging for more with money in their hand to pay.
Sale Like Royalty
When you’re talking with those potential clients, do yourself a favor – UNDERSTAND that you don’t need them. That’s right. You don’t need money. You don’t need a client. You are only there to SERVE. If they don’t want what you have, someone else will. Think about a queen or king on the throne. They know what they have, say, do, or speak is POWERFUL. They don’t spend time trying to convince or beg someone to get what they have. And guess what? You shouldn’t either! Make it clear what experience they will be getting through working with you, but after that, just stay in the energy of royalty.
Follow Up Frequently
Did you know that the reason why most businesses don’t see as many clients is because they don’t follow up with them? You have to put your products and services in people’s faces up to 7 times in order for them to buy from you. They may not be convinced that you are offering the right things for them at that time. But if you come back after giving them some time to think, they’ll see that you are still there ready to serve.

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