When I first started my blog, I was swamped with so many existing blogs and loads of information on how to build a successful blog. Not having any formal education in blogging, I had to learn in the course of the job, while studying a lot of materials online. However, I came to realise that what worked for others wasn’t really working for me and so to succeed, I had to find out what would work for me.
I made series of mistakes and errors. I failed a couple of times in my attempt to get my blog noticed out there. I was trying the methods of others and trying to be like them. I lost my voice in the process and just blended in, but I wasn’t making any progress. The google analytics of my blog showed that my readership wasn’t as high as I expected.
That was when I had to change my approach. I had to become me. I had to become the brand I was trying to sell and this called for only one thing – MY ORIGINALITY. I wrote in my style, shared experiences and jokes. Soon enough, I was beginning to get comments on my post and the readership was getting high so much so that other bloggers started reaching out to me to be an online contributor to their site.
I finally found what worked for me.
It’s no longer a secret that the competition out there in almost all the business niches in the market today are stiff. Go online and you will find numerous businesses offering the same services and products. In running an online business, there are more than enough materials online to teach you how to start the business, ways to improve the business and get more sales through podcast services, webinars, adverts, building funnels, to mention but a few.
In this era of advanced technology, and with millions of information out there, this article may hold nothing new for you. However, these pointers are some basics I believe every entrepreneur with an online business should have no matter your niche. In as much as you try to find what works for you, these pointers just serve as an added bonus:

  • Be original. The uniqueness in your business is found in your originality. This is what differentiates you from others in your niche.
  • Be specific. Don’t try to reach everyone but be specific to your target audience. They are the ones who need your business anyway, so why not focus on them?
  • Be simple. Don’t crowd your website with too many pictures and information. Keep it simple and neat so it can be user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Be purposeful. Be sure to create products and services to meet the needs and solve the problems of your target audience.
  • Be versatile. Don’t be 100% dependent on social media as your only means of getting leads and traffic. Go out there and interact with people personally. Make a connection.
  • Be focused. Be able to filter the information online to get only the relevant ones you need. Don’t overwhelm yourself with so much information and end up losing what is important.
  • Be bold. There are no sentiments in business. Get people to pay a fair price for the value you give them through your products/services. Just be honest and fair too.
  • Be goal-oriented. You have to be determined to succeed despite all odds and challenges. Business growth is a gradual process and requires loads of patience.

Every business ought to have an online presence so finally, this information is for every entrepreneur out there. Bill Gates said, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business would be out of business”. 
PHOTO CREDIT: rocketappbuilder.com 

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