Your business has reached the point to where you have no choice but to bring on new team members. This is incredible! Be proud of yourself for reaching this milestone. As you are bringing people onto your team, you should heavily consider the type of people you want to bring on. Even more than that, you have to make sure that it is known that you are seeking employees. The best place to place this is where your largest audience is mostly engaged. In this day, social media has the highest level of engagement, so posting on Facebook might work for your business. This information will be shared easily to others who might be a good fit for your company.
Even before sharing, ensure that you make your requirements as clear as possible. Let your audience know exactly what you are looking for. This will eliminate people who are not your ideal employee. Write it out as to what you really want in an employee. You must embody this perfectly in order to attract this type of person to your company. The people you desire will start to come into your realm of employment.
This is where I highly recommend you create a mastermind to interview and assess candidates. Sometimes, we can see only what we want to see. Having another set of eyes makes a huge difference. They can see past the fluff, and they are already on your team, so they could pull out the right questions to see if they can handle the challenges faced on the job. This will set you up for the greatest success in keeping a high rate of retention, as these people will be working together. The more harmony and cohesion will bring productivity and integrity into your company for the long term.

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