Running your business alongside a career can sound like a lot of multi-tasking with decreased efficiency levels.. Entrepreneurship is the “capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.

Most people are caught up in the web of running a business while having a 9-5 because they have been bitten by the ‘I have got a business idea’ bug, while some others are in need to increase their source of income.

Starting a side business alongside your job has its pros and cons but the cons won’t leave a deep sinking bite in your skin.

It is a pretty healthy thing to do because it reduces your emotional, financial and transition risk.


This is surely not an easy way to get by but if you are going to make it through this, then these guidelines might be of help to you.


Work with  objectives and a timeline

Map out your activities to include time for your new business. You will need to take advantage of evenings, short breaks and vacation. Joining an entrepreneur support group will help you. So you need to reserve time and energy to prepare for performance reviews, read up on industry news, network with colleagues in and out of your company and other professional development activities.


Use your day job to pay off debt and create an emergency fund

Having a steady income from your day job enables you to make the best decisions for your new business—something you might not have if you dropped everything and devoted all your time to it. Take advantage of the regular paycheck, and save as much as you possibly can so that you’re not making decisions based on fear.


Fatigue is on its way, fight through it 

It’s an important reminder; the late nights, the stress, and the fully packed schedule that you’re currently experiencing are all leading up to being able to realize the golden dream of running your own business. Keep your eyes on the prize and soon, you’ll be running your own business—no day job required.

Bear in mind that your job is the fuel that keeps your entrepreneurial dream burning while you are strategising on building your business.

Ensure to keep it balanced. Don’t burn yourself out and don’t allow your performance to slip.


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