Choosing the right name for every child is an important task for African parents. Africa has a rich naming tradition, which varies across the continent. In the African society, names are something carefully thought through because we believe a child destiny’s is dependant on the name they bear.

Traditional African names often have unique stories behind them. From the day or time a baby is born to the circumstances surrounding the birth, several factors influence the names parents choose for their children. Whichever ethnic group you look at, these local names reveal a wealth of information about the bearer.

Just like how important names are to every African, it is also important for Entrepreneurs to take this into consideration when naming their business.

If you’re in business, the name of your company is probably one of your most valuable assets. An effective name is one that establishes a strong identity and describes the type of business you’re conducting. It should have a tremendous impact on how customers and investors view you, and in today’s world.

Here are some key things to look out for according to when naming your startup:

1. Unique and unforgettable. In the trade, this is called “stickiness.” Every company wants a name that stands out from the crowd, a catchy handle that will remain fresh and memorable over time. That’s a challenge because naming trends change, often year by year, making timeless names hard to find.

2. Avoid unusual spellings. When creating a name, stay with words that can easily be spelt by customers. Some startup founders try unusual word spellings to make their business stand out, but this can be trouble when customers ‘Google’ your business to find you, or try to refer you to others. Stay with traditional word spelling, and avoid those catchy words that you love to explain at cocktail parties.

3. Easy to pronounce and remember. Forget made-up words and nonsense phrases. Make your business name one that customers can pronounce and remember easily. Skip the acronyms, which mean nothing to most people. When choosing an identity for a company or a product, simple and straightforward are back in style, and cost less to brand.

4. Keep it simple. The shorter in length, the better. Limit it to two syllables. Avoid using hyphens and other special characters. Since certain algorithms and directory listings work alphabetically, pick a name closer to A than Z. These days, it even helps if the name can easily be turned into a verb, like Google me.

5. Give a clue. Try to adopt a business name that provides some information about what your business does. Calling your landscaping business “Lawn and Order” is appropriate, but the same name would not do well for a handyman business. Your business name should match your business in order to remind customers what services you provide.


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