Social media ads are the new hot thing online. It’s much more cheaper and highly effective if you know how to use it will. But before I share with you how to utilize those ads, I want to tell you why you shouldn’t use the Facebook ads for your business.
First, your business should have a specific niche knowing exactly who you serve, what you do, and what results will be yielded from working with you. Without these three pieces, your paid ads will be a complete waste. In addition, don’t use the ads as a way to not show up for your audience daily. These ads are just to make connections with people that you might not otherwise had been in touch with.
If you know what your goal is behind running these ads, then you are all ready to go! You want to be sure to determine how many people you want to actually target as well as who it is you want to target. Here are some questions to consider:
Where do they live?
How old are they?
Where do they work?
Are they a business owner?
What are their interests?
What is their educational background?
Do they have a spouse or children?
What are their hobbies?
What about their spiritual practices?
What is their level of income?
This will help you get clear on the features of the ads you want to zone in on. Make it clear in these options when you are beginning to run the ad. Otherwise, your ad will just be floating online, and you will reach people who randomly pass by your post. You need to get it to the people who actually need it. This will drop down the price for ads tremendously the more you know about who you are serving. You can spend about $1 per convert or you can decide exactly the amount of people you want to reach. So if you are looking to reach 1,000 people, you will more than likely bring in about 100 of those people to your list.
So now, what are you going to put on the ad? This is a huge question to consider as you want those ads to convert to paid sales in the long term. It is recommended to give away something for free that has incredibly high value to those you serve. This could be a post telling your entire story of how you got to where you are making connection with them. Or it could be a short description of the product you have for them. Either way, you have to make sure the words you choose are powerful for the people you want to bring in your circle. Through this product, you should have a call to action for them to sign up. This can be used to build your email list for later use that can lead to you making incredible sales.
As this ad starts going, allow yourself to be engaged with your audience. You can use this tip for organic posts as well. Comment. Comment. Comment! As soon as someone shares how helpful it was, dive in and say thank you. Ask them what stood out for them. Be a genuine helping hand to those people. They will appreciate you for showing up for them.
What’s the biggest takeaway from this? Knowing who you serve makes a huge difference. Ads are not an escape from interacting with the people who need you. Show up and provide incredible value. It will pay off in the long run.

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