Just like a human is made up of biological components such as blood, DNA and hormones. Your startup is not quite far away from that either. It has a DNA and this is your company’s core value. These are guiding principles that define what the organization stands for.
Core values lie at the heart of the organization’s identity, do not change over time, and must already exist. These values cuts across ‘You can make money without doing evil,’ ‘Great just isn’t good enough,’ or Fast is better than slow’ depending on what your startup stands for.
Your values tell the world what you’re about. They give your employees a reason for what they do—and your customers a reason to cheer for you.
Today, 80% of the Fortune 100 tout their values publicly, and companies with a high sense of purpose outperform others by 400% according to HBR.
Feeling aligned with a company’s values, mission and philosophy is one of the top reasons employees love where they work, and the primary reason that consumers feel they have a relationship with brands.
You’ve got values. What now?  What comes next?
Make them actionable. Values can look great on paper, but to truly make a difference they’ve got to further. That means acting on them daily, holding yourself and your team to them, and hiring with them in mind.

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