As reported by Bellanaija, unfortunately, too many Nigerians can relate to this story.

Twitter user @Deji_Blissfield had shared a tweet criticising bosses who do not pay salaries on time but somehow manage to live wealthy lifestyles. He wrote:

You haven’t paid your workers’ salaries for 6 months!!! You send the same workers to the bank to deposit your kids’ school fees in millions. You fly your family out on vacation to Dubai. But you’re quick to call our leaders wicked…

Sharing his experience, another Twitter user, @norquer, wrote about how workers from his old place of employment had sold their boss’ generator while he was on a trip out of the country to pay salaries he owed.

My formal boss was owing his staffs 4months salary, he travelled to the UK then to Dubai. His workers sold his Mikano generator and paid themselves before he came back from his trip.

Although there is some comic relief underlying this story, it is the reality that many Nigerian employees face but there are lessons to be learned in this tale.

As an entrepreneur, with employees in your care, it is vital that you not only employ the hard skills needed to set up and give your business some form of structure and efficiency; you equally need to ensure that your soft skills such as that of leadership are utilised to the benefit of your employees as they are the lifeblood of the business. This includes paying their salaries regularly and ensuring you do your part to increase morale and welfare in your organization.


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