In just two years, Madey Adeboye has gone from unravelling healthy cuisine in her own kitchen, to opening up her café and becoming a household name in Nigeria. “Changing my eating habits and seeing the amazing results inspired me to want to do that for others.” Starting Green Grill House, a leading healthy food café in Lagos, Nigeria, that features delivery options blazed her way to achieving that.
The cafe has attracted Lagos’ young professionals who are interested in healthy eating and fitness–and who don’t have much time to cook at home. What makes the food at Green Grill House unique is that it serves up healthy versions of traditional Nigerian favourites, along with other health food staples.
The menu offers more than the standard health food salads, though they do have them for sale. There is Moi moi (bean pudding), but it is made with less oil; yaji, which is chicken infused in a salad with spiced pepper; and a variety of yoghurt.
It may seem odd to go from being a successful lawyer to entering the risky business of owning a restaurant, but for Adeboye it was the perfect move. Adeboye, who still practices law on the side, entered the Nigerian Bar in July 2003.
She was born in Kano in the Northern part of Nigeria to a father who was a college professor and a mother who was a civil servant. Adeboye attended Ahmadu Bello University, where she studied law.
She isn’t the only one in her family in the restaurant business. Her sister recently launched a continental restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya.
“I got into the restaurant business by chance. I had worked in a telecoms company for about six years but left because I wasn’t happy and satisfied. After I left my job I decided to use my network of old colleagues to make homemade meals and deliver to them at work, knowing how boring the office canteens were. So I started off with a Blackberry phone and a single broadcast.”

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