She watched her male colleagues receive work-based promotions while it seemed for a while that she had been forgotten. Did the company suddenly forget that she had 25 years experience in direct sales? During her career, she was faced with many obstacles as a woman. She worked in a business world controlled by men, which produced a lack of equality. Outdated practices of how far a woman can progress on the career ladder held her back from developing. She saw many men at her workplace receive promotion, while she was left behind.
When she decided to set up her beauty and cosmetic business, her competitive spirit drove her. That was her light bulb moment.
Therefore, with her competitive mindset and experiences, she was in a good place to help other women overcome the challenges she had faced.
One of the first things Mary Kay did was to write down all the lessons she learned. She used this method to organize her thoughts. It helped her recall all of the opportunities she missed, because of her gender. Writing the list also allowed her to let go of past bitterness experienced in the workplace.
The list shaped her dream company. She used it to define the golden rules of Mary Kay Cosmetics. She did not believe in limiting women who had the skills and determination to succeed.
Mary Kay employed her youngest son, who had a sales representative background, to lead the business. Her oldest son donated funds (his life savings) to the company. He eventually left his job and joined Mary Kay Cosmetics. Later on, her daughter also joined as the first director. Together with her family, the company was ready to start operating.
We are counting on you to start up.

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