Someone once said to me “If you want to learn how to play the game, learn from the masters and if you want to learn how to improve your game, learn from the grand masters.” Every entrepreneur has a baby and that’s their business and their ultimate goal is to see that baby grow. The quest is to scale up and grow bigger. It’s certainly an admirable goal, and achieving it may gain you attention from investors, customers and the media. But growth for growth’s sake will only leave you understaffed and overwhelmed. You need to know if you are ready for it.

Christella Kirezi is a natural haircare solution provider in Mozambique. She got inspired to start her business, Moz Crespas, because of the difficulty African women had in dealing with their curly hair, the difficulty of getting the ideal treatment, and sourcing the ideal cream to use with curly hair.

She shares her entrepreneurial story “I always had the pleasure of taking care of my own hair but also treated the hair of the women in my family, including my aunts, nieces and cousins. The more I did, the more I liked to take care of my hair and the people whose hair I also looked after until it was my biggest passion. I was doing this until I had a considerable number of customers and with my 18 years experience, I saw the need to open a dedicated space to serve my customers. From that point onwards, I started with my journey as an entrepreneur to achieve this goal and in three months had my first salon, and thank God I made good progress in the business. The flow of customers increased and we saw the need to open the second salon thereafter.”

We would like to have at least one salon in each province of the country to further expand our services.

Are you thinking about expansion? Why do you think you are ready? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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