My family had reared birds when I was younger and when these birds tend to get older, we set them free. Everyone loves freedom but there was this certain pigeon who was unwilling to go. What a silly bird it was, I thought to myself but it was in no way silly. It had an infection that made its wings sore.

Enough about birds. Will your pitch make your business soar like a confident bird or send it recoiling like a bird with sore wings?

How do you intend to pitch your business to make it reach its peak?

The most common business pitches include: Elevator pitch, quick pitch and investor pitch-the circumstance of the meeting and the clients involved are the determinants that distinguish the different pitches

“Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.”

  • H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

If your big-bang moment of opportunity should strike now to scale up your business, do you see yourself ready to grab it with both hands?

I have a feeling you are nodding in the affirmative but the truth is that you are not ready.

This is how to pitch your business idea when you get stuck in an elevator with Richard Branson;


What do you do? 

Don’t bore him. Go straight to the point.  You’ve got nothing but 60 seconds or less.

Tell him about your business: the products and services you have to offer. Stick with core competence and differentiation. This is not to make you feel good about yourself but to give him a clear indication of how you will be able to meet and solve the need of your clients should you be seeking investment opportunities. However, if you are trying to sell him on your business model for him to become a potential customer, you would need to explain how your business would be of immeasurable value to him all within this short period of time.

Personalise it. Be witty and precise while you employ ‘storytelling’ as a tool. Give details of the industry, market size, customer growth, spending habits, profiles and of course milestones you have reached.


Don’t say 

Hi, I am Fatima Okeke, The founder of Bolts Media. We write great Content.



Hi, I am Fatima Okeke, The founder of Bolts Media. We write great content and recently named our website as the most referenced website.

You will agree with me that the second statement is more compelling.


Though your skills are important, focus more on your purpose, your client wants to hear how he will get treated when you both get down to business.

Project your earnings, intending clients like to hear figures, give adequate information about your competitors, highlighting features that make your product or service superior.

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