The world might be filled with tough men but everyone gets influenced at some point or the other. This is why you can’t underestimate the power of advertising. A good advertisement tells us we need something even before we think we do. It offers us a look into the ideal life, the ideal body, the ideal mate, all wrapped in an ideal world.

A good product will lay forever on a dusty shelve if you don’t show people reasons why they should purchase it. It also keeps you relevant in spite of all the new similar brands springing up each day. Have you ever wondered why brands like Airtel, Pepsi or Guaranteed Trust Bank irrespective of their number of customers still pull off amazing adverts?

This is the magic wand behind their:

  • Introduction of new products in the market
  • Expansion of the market
  • Increased sales
  • Fighting competition
  • Enhancing  good-Will
  • Educating their consumers

The new H2oh! advert has warmed its way into the heart of consumers through the use of witty, creative and engaging ad content. It twists the popular African proverb that says “Water has no enemy,” to portray water has a jealous element. This change was obviously induced by the good quality of the drink H2oh! A prediction of the increase of sales can’t be ruled out.

This advert appeals to people that cut across all ages by using smart and friendly adults, Ebuka Obi- Uchendu and Adesua Etomi- Wellington who fascinate millennials as well. This brings to mind that a good business advert should capitalize on the use of influencer marketing, having a target audience, as well as being super innovative.

Spark a fresh zest for life with the refreshing H2Oh! #WaterIsGonnaBeJealous

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