While others seem to be too busy building houses and skyscrapers, Ndidi Nwuneli decides to occupy herself with building economies. This is a task she started as a serial social entrepreneur who is committed to scaling social innovation on the African Continent. She is the founder of LEAP Africa, a youth leadership nonprofit organization, and co-founder of AACE Food Processing & Distribution, an indigenous agro-processing company that was founded in 2009 to fight malnutrition, reduce post-harvest losses among smallholder farmers and displace imports. She is also the managing partner of Sahel Capital Partners & Advisory, a consulting and advisory firm focused on unlocking the nutrition and agriculture potential in West Africa.
After establishing LEAP Africa, an organisation committed to developing “an army of committed change agents”, young men and women, business owners and social entrepreneurs that are focused on making a difference in their countries and communities.
She advanced to setting up AACE Foods, an agribusiness and agro-processing company. By sourcing, processing and distributing fruits and vegetables within West Africa, the company improves nutrition levels, aids farmers and creates jobs. Ndidi’s commitment to social and economic transformation through leadership and entrepreneurship sets a high standard for African women.

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