Gone are the days where marketing was limited to handing out fliers and cold calling. Today, it has evolved with strategies are incredibly divergent with ideas that are almost impossible. In fact, the more ridiculous the idea, often times, the better especially with successful execution.
One thing, however, has remained constant right from the 1920s where mass production began, calling for a need for marketing;  ‘the customer is still always right.’ The question has therefore always been how to speak to the customer. Once you’ve figured this out, the problem of how to market would have been solved.
Omo detergent did just that with their latest ad in South Africa. The campaign tagged: ‘Dirt is Good’ wanted to bring awareness to their campaign and after thinking long and hard; the team of 14 were able to come up with a radical idea. It went thus:
“We noticed that kids were spending more time online than outside so we opted to create a book with a special story that can only be discovered with dirt. The pages were treated with a new type of ink formula that revealed a new African fable when rubbed with dirt. The book was illustrated by South African Illustrator, ‘the tale of spots and stipes’  Karabo Poppy, with the aim being not only to get kids outside and away from screens and reconnect them with nature but to also encourage unity and child development while promoting multiple sensory engagement.” 
The book that could only be read with dirt forces kids to get outdoors. 
The project which took 2 years to implement was every bit worth the wait as it has made its stamp in innovation and also won them the position of 1st place at Live Communications’ Ad of the Month.
Today. it’s a book activated by dirt, tomorrow it’ll be another ingenious idea shaking up the world of innovation. Isn’t it fascinating how the curtain seems halfway to being drawn on the concept of impossibility?
Photo credit: Behance
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