The last thing you ‘d ever want to do in business is to get into your client’s or customer’s bad book. It is not enough to have them see your customer service attributes listed on your website or have a vague inkling of it on your billboards as they drive by. People might forget what you give to them but they may never forget how you made them feel.
A royal treat is the magic wand you need to retain your clients.
These customer service attributes are to be felt by them and this helps to compel them to build their trust in your products and services.
Here are practical ways to make have this achieved;

Communication is golden 
Your clients are your business partners who are not documented in black and white in your business documentation.  Alert them to ongoing changes in the business irrespective of if they are good or bad.
Keep communication open with them.

Pay attention 
Ensure to keep in touch with your customers desire. Be engaging and get passionate to making their every contact with your business memorable and worthy for them.
When you come in physical contact with them, listen and talk less. Being a good listener is more important than being a good talker in discerning your customer’s thought process.
Be proactive in meeting their needs and bringing innovative problem-solving ideas to the table.

Create avenues to listen and observe even things they may not be saying. Look at the statistics of your products that they are more interested in, use polls and surveys to seek for their opinion. The comment section of your blog or social media handles are places you should also watch out for.

Give your business an emotion
Your business can’t be caught with a tag name “Living Thing”  but it sure needs an emotion. Clients tend to cling to brands which possess an emotion hovering around it. A bottle of Coca-Cola has the aura of happiness all around it. Choose to attach an emotion to your brand. Be it love, friendliness, fun,  confidence, class. Give them a vibe that is positive and relatable.

Go social 
Friends always stay together. Employ social media tools to be where you’re customers are. They may not necessarily be in the military but they dictate where, when and how they want to be engaged. Find out platforms work interest them more and keep them engaged.

Offer time-limited promotions
Create an opportunity to avail products and services promotions to your customers within a pre-set period. Your customers or clients are high-potential buyers when they have a sense of urgency or a point of connection to your brand.  Make it a point of duty to always reward loyalty.
Everyone loves some discount, giveaways,  or contest. Pull them in with an incentive.

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