Being confident without batting an eyelid is one of the expected traits of the entrepreneur. This helps you to stand up for your idea even when no one believes in it. It also forms a huge support during your sales, negotiation and pitching. Confidence if the livewire of the entrepreneur.
For some, confidence is an innate trait, for others, it is acquired. If you notice that this is lacking, you will need to trust your values more. When you know what you stand for and what is important to you, it becomes easier to make decisions that are aligned with your values, with what matters to you. Self-doubt cripples our ability to make important decisions knowing yourself and living your values is one of the best antidotes to self-doubt.
Raise the bar of your self-awareness. Self-awareness is one of the most powerful personal development tools in your arsenal. Make use of it by understanding the root causes of your self-doubt. What specific situations trigger bouts of self-doubt? If it’s a lack of skill in an area, resolve to do something about it. For example, it may be a fear of delivering presentations. Or it may be anxiety at having to make cold calls. Just about anything can be learned. Go out there and get the training you need, or get a coach to help you.
Self-doubt often makes us rationalize a situation to fit our emotional state. We may be afraid to fail, afraid to look bad, afraid to take on more than we think we can handle. So we become adept at making a lot of excuses for why an opportunity that presents itself isn’t a good fit. Just cut off the excuses.

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