The Aim Higher Africa entrepreneurship programs are extremely fast-paced and we expect our students to be 100% committed to working hard on their new start-ups.

We specialize in HIGH ENERGY and we guarantee that we can get our students to change their behavior and start thinking as entrepreneurs from the start with our unique Mindset Reorientation and Design Thinking Curriculum (MRDT). The MRDT program is a proven workshop program that has been developed in collaboration with educators from leading universities and experienced entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley. Our programs have been tested with students from many different cultural backgrounds and are now running successfully in Ghana and Nigeria. We work with individual entrepreneurs, corporates, accelerators, colleges, universities and high schools and can customize the programs to fit the skill level of the participants. We combine this approach with our vocational skills training program to not only equip our grassroots entrepreneurs with innovative approaches to starting their business but also provide practical skills that help them to earn a living immediately.


Work to select a problem area, analyze the context and define a problem statement. In order to solve a big problem, you need to understand its true nature. Successful entrepreneurs are therefore very focused on learning about their customers in order to understand the problem they have to solve before they start coming up with solutions. The first step in the process is, therefore, to work with your team to select a problem area, analyze the context and define a problem statement.


Get inspired by technology trends and use Design Thinking to generate lots of new ideas. We are now ready to dive into the ideation process. We kick off with a quick overview of the latest tech trends before we begin the exciting creative process. You will get an introduction to effective brainstorming techniques that will unleash your creative capacity in ways you have never experienced before. The room will be buzzing of energy and you generate hundreds of ideas before you finally select the one idea that you want to bring to life.


Experiment and test whether you have found a big opportunity by validating your assumptions with potential users. This stage is all about test it before you build it. “Failing faster is failing cheaper”, we will make sure to validate whether there is a real user need for the product you have in mind so you can avoid spending time and money building something no one cares about. You will learn powerful new tools to conduct effective customer interviews and discover how fast you can learn about a user when you simply go out and talk to them!


Develop a business model and build a prototype so you can demonstrate your idea. It’s now time to BUILD IT; we will teach you how to transform your idea into a viable business by creating a complete business model of the idea. We will systematically test your riskiest assumptions until you have a strong foundation for a new company. When you’re ready we will help you launch your new start-up and find early customers who can help you create an even better product. Building a start-up isn’t easy but with the right tools and guidance, we can dramatically increase your chances of success!


Prepare, Practice and Present your new start-up idea to an expert panel and get valuable feedback. As an entrepreneur you are constantly pitching – so you better get good at it sooner rather than later. Innovators and entrepreneurs are very often required to present their ideas and business plans to potential investors, new business partners and potential customers, and it is, therefore, key to having a super sharp elevator pitch. In this stage, you will get training in presentation techniques and learn what really matters to VCs when you’re pitching your idea. You will prepare, practice and present a short pitch that explains the most important aspects of your idea and get valuable feedback from a professional jury.

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MRDT In Action