It is indeed heart-breaking to see a food empire that once stood as the force to reckon with crumble like a pile of cards. It is not a new thing for businesses to experience loss or near dissolving situation but allowing it happen right before your eyes happen is inappropriate. Restaurants, like many small businesses, face operating issues like prices that are not competitive, high-overhead and unproductive servers that can cause them to shut down, while the memory of the yummy feeling your meal gave them fizzle away.

Here are ways to rekindle the flame of your dying restaurant business:

Food specials

Something out of the ‘usual’works its own magic. Offer your customers a dish for half-price on certain nights of the week. If new customers enjoy your food special, they might decide to try other menu items. You might also offer a menu for kids to eat free or at a low cost.

Launch new meals on your menu

Change is the only thing that is constant. People change, market change, technology change and so must your meals and offerings. Introducing a new meal is a sure way to gain the attention of lost customers. Lack of innovation is glaring signs of a struggling restaurant.

Take a second look at your staff

Are they customer-service worthy? Do they give your customers a reason to be delighted for stopping over at your restaurant out of all other places? Do they have all the necessary training to upscale your service? If these answers fall into the negative then you might want to have a  re-think and do a restructure.

Switch operational hour

If you with a limited operational hour, then you will be reducing the number of customers you serve and the revenue you make. Increasing your operational hour will provide you with the opportunity of increasing sales and patronage.



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