I have never thought it quite easy to come by to see one being so good at multiple things but Serena Williams has proved this wrong. This is one athlete I am particularly obsessed with because of her killer serves and thrilling backhand shots on the tennis court. I actually grew this love for tennis and badminton because of her.
Serena Williams whose net worth currently stands at a whopping $150 million runs businesses from signature statement clothing line for HSN, endorsements for Nike, Chase, Beats, Delta Airlines, Gatorade, Pepsi and a  Co-owner of Miami Dolphins (with sister Venus).
As much as it would feel good to gush about her, I am sticking with the mogul lessons that could keep your entrepreneurial journey running progressively;
I cant talk about her and not mention her race as her race is something she has been so unequivocal about. She is a confident black woman who steps into the court with her striking fashion style on the court and her signature killer serves accompanied with the amazing backhand shot. it is. not just about physical appearance, it has gone all out to be infused into her business value that she is confident. Your business needs an identity, what is associated with it? Think about it.

Did you ever think business moguls didn’t fail? Well, you are so wrong. I have watched her leave the court in tears, flanked by her sister and their entourage. An hour-and-a-half later she was escorted to a waiting people carrier by her coach Patrick Mouratoglou as she chewed her nails and looked forlorn during the Wimbledon Doubles 2014. Despite health scare, injuries and controversies of match-fixing, she has been undeterred.
But that incident 0nly mad her hunger for a comeback and she did. Consistency will keep you stuck on your business and not letting go.
Business diversification
Multiple streams of income have never failed anyone I know of. With her plunging into the entertainment industry, providing voice work on the 2001 episode of the animated show, The Simpsons and further on Nickelodeon’s Avatar, The Last Airbender. She and her sister, Venus also have keyed into the NFL franchise and possess ownership stakes in the Miami Dolphins.
In 2015, she also presented her HSN Signature Statement collection for the second time at the New York Fashion Week Show‍—‌a clothing line exclusively made for the retailer HSN. Yesterday, she just added something else by unveiling Shop Serena online fashion store.

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