So, I am a stickler for anything creative, fun, and beautiful. All these could be summed up in one word, HAPPY. Anyways, it was fun these past two weeks when I embarked on a trip to the amazing country, Mauritius. It had been a stressful couple of months and I needed the break, needless to say, it was well deserved.

First off, the island was breath-taking and I was still yet to recover from that when I got another amazing surprise in my hotel room. I was blown away by the magnificent sight that met my eyes. It was beautifully furnished but the most catchy thing for me there was the fragrance that enveloped the entire room.

Being a lover of beautiful scents, I was quick to ask the concierge what was the source of the scent. There was no way I was leaving that island without that fragrance coming back with me to Nigeria. To my utmost surprise, the young man smiled, obviously finding my overly dramatic gestures really funny and said, “It’s only the scented candles”.  “What candles?” I asked as I looked around.

He showed me some beautiful cups scantily placed in strategic locations, glowing with the well-lit flame inside them. Before I could ask, he said, we produce them here and the scent comes from some natural ingredients found on the island. I was amazed and I wondered how many other people felt this enthralled by the scent of these amazing candles.

Candle making business is one somewhat common but definitely an undervalued business path, not well-trodden these days. While people are quick to scamper to other industries – event planning, fashion, makeup, hair-do etc., the candle-making business remains a virgin ground pregnant with so much wealth.

Who doesn’t love the beautiful scents of nature? Who doesn’t want to enter a home or an office filled with pleasant scents to soothe the senses?

Did you know that in the U.S, candle sales amount to about US$3.2 billion per year? Did you also know that this simple and easy to make craft can give you more profit than the cost you put into it? It is no hidden fact that people love quality handmade products especially locally made, so long as it is properly packaged.

Once you have these three items – perfume, candle wax and the rope, called the wick, you are very well on your way to make a business for yourself in the candle industry. Allowing your creativity and sense of smell to be your best tools in this field is one way to guarantee your success in this business.

Your scent choices infused within the candle is the most vital part of the candle-making process and this is really the substance of the candle. However, this is not one business you want to rush into especially if you want to create some groundbreaking innovations in the industry.

You have to master the art of scent combinations, what kind of emotion you expect them to give out etc. Some perfumers can go as far as months or even years to develop scent combinations. This business, like most, requires patience, hard work, but most especially smart work invested in it.

Once you have successfully drafted out your pitch, business plan, identified your target market and done the needful in all other aspects, your business is a go.


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