This morning, I took a long walk around my estate as a form of exercise. By the time I was to go the second round, I was tired but I had a target to reach. I had challenged myself to make the long walk twice each morning before getting started with my daily routine. The awareness that I still had some distance to cover even tired me the more.

Then I devised a strategy. With some things along the road which I set as my target points, e.g. a parked car some three houses away, a tree some five buildings away, a stone, a puddle of water, in fact, pretty much anything that could get me farther from my start point, I motivated myself to make the walk back and the complete second round.

As I did that, I wondered deep within me how else I could have made this set distance without the help of the target points as my focus to progress.

In the same vein, entrepreneurs are expected to set high standards for themselves as a competitive edge. Remember this quote commonly said, “the only competition you have is you”? Well, the same applies in this context. In as much as you want to stay informed about the trends in your niche or to know what your competitors are doing, you remain your biggest competition.

Jack Welch said, “If you don’t have a competitive edge, don’t compete”.

Your business can only get as far as the target you have set for it. You can’t expect to measure up with the big goons out there when you set myopic standards for yourself, your business and team members. When you dream big, you equally take big actions and though it could be risky sometimes, you are prepared for whatever outcome because you know the amount of work and resources you put into it.

You cannot expect to reap where you did not plant. Outdoing yourself is your first step to conquering your competition and gradually making your way to the top. People want to be associated with anything successful.  Bear in mind that in other for you to conquer out there, you first have to take your limited, doubtful and fearful self out of the way.

Be bold enough to set high standards for yourself and your team. Change the look of your office; improve your customer service, implement a company culture, practise team bonding, etc. All these seemingly “insignificant” things would come to play especially in tough times. People are watching and want to see where they can come in and help. This move is one that can get you the right network of successful people.

Billy Cox said, “You get a competitive edge by doing something every day your competition don’t or won’t”. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Real Business

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