I Can, I Will, The End Shirt — Black

I Can, I Will, The End Shirt — White

The Movement

The Aim Higher Africa A T 4 A Dream is a movement to galvanize our worldwide community to come together to help put an end to unemployment and poverty in Africa through entrepreneurship development. We are guided by one abiding principle and that is the right mindset can completely transform the lives of unemployed youths to achieve their fullest potential. That principle drives us every day to do what we do. We also believe that people’s choices of what to buy and wear have the power to change the world. Our great T-shirts are at the heart of this movement.

Poverty reduction lies at the heart of everything Aim Higher Africa does in Africa to advance human dignity and inclusive development. We help our communities on the multiple and interconnected dimensions of poverty and inequality by connecting people to livelihoods, entrepreneurship development, start-up funding, financial literacy, and higher standards of living, in addition to empowering them with the ability to make life choices. With your purchase of a T-shirt, we are one step closer to empowering the life of an entrepreneur on the continent to realize their potential and turn their dream into a passion that creates employment opportunities for thousands of people.


Each T-shirt sold has the power to make the dream of an entrepreneur in Africa a reality by providing them with state of the art entrepreneurship education at the Aim Higher Africa skills acquisition center, investment in their start-up and access to our financial literacy program. We are committed to fair-labor conditions as well as environmentally friendly materials whenever possible to do so.