As convincing as the title may have sounded, do not bring yourself to believe that there is actually a shop where you can possibly get a brand name. If there is anyone who can give you a business name then that person is no other than you. A name might just be a name but in business, it helps to give your business that extra push.

Where do we dig up business names from?


If you are a tech-savvy, I bet GIGO might sound like Garbage in- Garbage out but I that was your honest thought, consider yourself wrong. It could as well mean George Ini and George Olamide. If that was the name of a children’s and toy store, imagine what wonderful products they ‘d have available. Fine business names sure do emerge from acronyms.

What your business stands for 

Green depicts groceries or even eco-friendly products just as Stitches portrays a fashion design outfit or even a tailoring shop. You might want to look out for words that portray what your business stands for as you work on coining a business name.

Out of the box

People love to be exposed to surprises and perhaps a little shock. You might want to come up with names that sound the most unexpected yet creative. Shock and surprise may work to create brand names that raise eyebrows in utmost curiousness.

Products and services you offer 

Your business name might emanate from the type of products and services that you make available. ‘Finger Licking ‘ only reminds you of where you can get mouth-watering meals to quieten a grumbling belly. Fresh Bakes sounds like where you would get the hot crispy and fresh bread and pastries.

Be as creative as possible as you coin your brand name.

What are some of the most memory sticking business names you have come across. Talk to us in the comment section. 

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