Before answering that question, there are a few things you should know. There are reasons why you should or should not have a website. You have to be clear of the effectiveness of your website as a marketing tool. Businesses spend thousands of dollars on a website each year, only to find that it was a total waste.
You should not have a website if your clients find you outside of the online world. This might be most applicable to brick and mortar businesses that are located in one central location, but lots of coaches online just stick to using their social media accounts to reach out to their clients.
Reasons why you should have a website include the goal of having a global platform. If you are looking to connect with people outside of your current location, then it is critical for you to have the website in tact for people to find you. This is certainly more helpful if you are considering running paid ads. You’ll want to connect with people in one central hub so that they can know you on a much more personal level.
Now that you have an idea of whether or not you really need a website, you have the complete freedom to do it on your own terms. Websites have become more easier to build by the day. You can simply sign up for a domain, pick a layout, and go all into creating the beauty you desire the world to see. Be honest with yourself, is website building something you are really good at? Is it your zone of genius? If it is, then great! Sign up today and get to creating. Just because website designing is not your thing doesn’t mean that you can’t get the website of your dreams.
If you are starting out and cannot fully afford to pay thousands of dollars to have a website designed, know that you have plenty of other options available. For starters, take the time to actually learn what it takes to build a website. Consider writing out your entire content for each tab of your site. When you know exactly what will go on your site, that eliminates having someone to create it from scratch. What will your homepage have written on it? Is your about page focused on you, your company, or just the products and services? How will you collect payments on your website? The more you know, the lower your price point will be in getting someone to execute what you see visually.
On top of that, you can find someone who builds sites at a much lower price range for you. There are plenty of people who might just be starting out like you. They will be happy to get their hands on a site just to build their portfolio. Your dream website is only a click away.

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